February 21, 2017

StarchGel vegetable softgels can replace gelatin for 100% vegetarian, non-GMO Project Verified supplements.

Sports Research Corporation, a U.S.-based nutraceutical company, has launched StarchGel vegetable technology for retail customers. StarchGel vegetable softgels can replace gelatin in supplements, offering patented, 100% vegetarian, non-GMO Project Verified, non-animal materials certified halal and kosher.

“The opportunity to be first to market with StarchGel was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up for our retail and online customers. This is the only softgel material on the market that can pass the stringent Non-GMO Project Verified certification,” stated Michael Pederson, executive vice president of sales for Sports Research Corporation. He added, “Our customers are among the most discerning, health-conscious consumers in the world.”

Brian Wang, director, overseas sales department of Hunan Er-Kang Pharmaceuticals Co. LTD., said, “Having developed over the past 10 years into the market leader within the starch technology growth category for natural and OTC products, Er-Kang is pleased to sell the StarchCaps brand to such a pure, well formulated and respected company such as MSquare Health Products.” He added, “StarchGel will be able to take Sports Research offerings to the next level, where the brand will continue to grow and fulfill their highest potential.”

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