APIs & Excipients:
China Largest Manufacturer

Er-Kang is a China leader in researching and delivering high-quality and reliable 2-piece starch capsules( StarchCaps™), starch for softgel shells(StarchGel™), pharmaceutical excipients and APIs to pharmaceutical and nutrition companies around the world.

  • 120 series of pharmaceutical excipients
  • 43 APIs
  • 148 drug approvals
  • 4,000 clients worldwide
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Starch for Hard Capsules & Softgels


  • Be first to market with Non-GMO products

    100% Vegetarian Source from cassava root; Halal and Kosher certified; No risk of animal-transmitted diseases.

  • Minimum or No Modification Made to Equipment

    Save your cost,save your time.

  • No cross linking reaction

    Tapioca is stable and has no cross-linking reaction with filled material.

  • Better thermal stability

    Non sticky/ Minimum deformation/Global shipping.
    Good at 50 ℃ and RH 75% for 19 hours.

  • Quick response & full on-site production support

    We are always there to deliver fast service and offer on-site technical support to our clients globalwide.

StarchGel™ is a revolutionary product developed by Er-Kang Pharmaceutical through a significant technical breakthrough in starch film forming process. This vege-based durable softgel brings your products to a new level by offering the above advantages.


ER-KANG Starch Hard Capsules


StarchCaps™ developed by Er-Kang Pharmaceutical is a unique Two-Piece empty capsule made from Tapioca starch, which has been certified with Halal,Kosher, Non-GMO, and Vegsoc. Er-Kang Pharmaceutical is registered with US FDA and the product DMF is filed therein.

The Starch Capsules Park (1st Phase) was built since 2013 with site area of 84 acres(or 340000㎡),64 production lines are equipped. The manufacturing capacity is 30 billion pieces starch capsules in 2015.The designed capacity in total is 128 machines and 60 billion capsules after the 2nd Phase park of to be in use in 2017.

  • 64 machines
  • 30 billion pcs/year
  • Made of starch
  • For drugs & supplements

Er-Kang StarchCaps™ offer today‘s consumers a safe and 100% all natural delivery system for optimal human health.
Er-Kang StarchCaps™ demand has doubled since starting in 2013 with 64 production lines producing 30 billion capsules per year. In 2017, Er-Kang will have 128 production machines capable of producing 60 billion capsules.